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Project is finished.

Project „Active Voluntary”
(Project number: 2014.EEZ/PP/1/MIC/106/052)  is 12 month long project that starts on May, 2015 and will take place in Cesis, Latvia. Partner ir this project is Children and Youth center. Project aim group are children and kids, especially from social risk families. Project aim is to develop voluntary work as instrument for social inclusion, gender equality and for children and youth from social risk families integration in society. There are 4 main problems that we are going to solve:
1. Low amount of children and kids that are in organizations
2. Unemployment that is a result of  lack of knowledge, skills and experience
3. Insufficient supply for children and kids from social risk families for useful summer holidays
4. Lack of knowledge about sexual and reproductive health

Main activities – more volunteer involvement, organizing voluntary activities, training of peer educators, non-formal lessons in schools about reproductive health, trainings for volunteers and teachers about digital methods, creative thinking and improvisational theater techniques. During the project Youth house will be renovated at Rigas street 23, Cesis.

Every Wednesday 17:00 in Rigas street 23 we come together to plan activities to reach our goals.

Activities that has been implemented:
1.We started our project with meeting with school management in 2.06.15. We presented them our project so they can tell their students about options that the project offers.
2.The schools were informed so we were able to officially open the project. In 1.07.15. we invited children and youth to come, listen and learn about oportunities that this project will give. In this project opening conference from a presentation visiors get informetion about all the activities that there will be in a project, how they can join as volunteers or as participants in activities.
3. From 13.07. to 18.07. we had the nicest and sincerest summer camp for kids from social risk families. For most of them this summer camp was an apportunity to lear, see or do something new for first time. One day we went to sea and many of them haven`t seen it before. This was a great experience for both – for kids and for youngsters who lived together with kids, organized and carry out all the activities.
4. In July 25 was a Sports Day. It was divided into two major activities - the strongest youngster competition and competitions in freestyle extreme sports (BMX, inline skate). Many youngsters show their talent who has come through hard work. It was an inspiration to others to continue the hard work and reach the success.
5. Summer camp (10. – 14.08.) with different interest education opportunities for young people from social risk families gave the opportunity to participate in various educational programs of interest education and find the most appropriate to continue to grow and learn more.
6. In August, the young people had the opportunity to participate in training on digital techniques and creativity. In training young people learned how to use digital techniques in a creative way while doing the voluntary work, what to remember in communication in social portals and other valuable things. The training was conducted by different specialists, who is working in creative fields.
7.In 19.08. we had meeting one more time with schools` management to remind them about opportuniies that the project still offers. As the summer ends and school starts every body have new power to start something new and we offer to join other volunteers,
8. 26th of August was a big day for new singers and music groups because that was the day when we organized a competition for new groups. This was a big day for them because it gave everybody an opportunity to show their talent and 2 groups or singers get an opportunity to sing on the stage in 1st of September, in Youth day. There were hundreds of listenrs!
9. 1st of September come and the year`s biggest event for children and youth have arrived! In morning there were concert for kids, different sports and crafts and other activities. Evening was more for youngsters. There were a big concert with singers and music groups. Also the New groups` competition winners showed their talent. There also were different activities where participants were ablw to show their skills and knowledge.
10. In September volunteers made a flashmob to welcome other youngsters to join the project and voluntary work.
11. In 14.10.15. we organised a youth forum. The topic was volunteering. Youngsters discussed and made their suggestions about how to improve volunary work sistem in our city, what the like and what they want to change. It was really good discussion and suggestions were helpful.
12. From 26th till 30th of October was Peer educator training were youngsters learne how to talk with peers about reproductive health and sexual relationships.
13. As winter came and inspiration was needed we organised an Inspiration cosmoss. It was an event where 4 known persons told abouth their experience, how they have get as far as they ar now, about their success and failure. After thet together with guests everybody create some performance in topic – cosmoss. It was such an inspiration!
14. In the end of December we looked back to what we have done, to see that the project has gave already so much and there are still some things ahead!
15. Since September we have an Improvisation theater workshop. It teaches new skills that helps while doing the voluntary work and also in everyday life.
16. We have removated a Youth house – a place where activities takes place.
17. Training for school management about creative thinking and digital methods on 14th January 2016. Educators from different schools of Cesis region participated in creative workshops to improve their ability to encourage students to be more creative and think out of the box. Participants also learned new digital skills that can be used in their work with students.
18. Sniega (ne)diena – No-Snow Day – on 12th March 2016. Youth organised event for citizens and guests of Cesis city to celebrate winter and snow, but this year all snow melted – so we celebrated the sun in no snow day. All intrested people had an oportuniy to participate in different activities – walk with lamas, Limpo bowling, ball mixer, etc. – and get some prizes.
19. In 28.04.16 we looked back to the project to remember all the good things that project has gave us and to see what opportunities youngsters have after the project.

Project will finish in 30.04.2016. and everyone who wants to join are welcome to come any Wednesday to Youth house (Rigas street 23, Cesis).

Project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Latvia.