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Cesis is the heart of Vidzeme, the cultural centre of the region and one of the oldest and most authentically Latvian cities in the country. It is a city rich in spectacular views and historical landmarks. Cesis is deservedly considered to be the cradle of Latvian national flag.

The best known examples of the cultural heritage of Cesis are the Cesis Medieval Castle of the Livonian Order, which dates back to the 13th Century; as well as the 13th-Century St John’s Church and the distinctive historical centre of the city.

The outwardly quiet and calm city is rich in cultural traditions. Every year Cēsis hosts traditional culture events of national and international importance. Cesis stands out among the cities and towns of Latvia, thanks to the active participants of its people in the preparation and implementation of culture events. 

Since 2007 Cesis has been home to the Cesis Art Festival, which is the largest professional art festival in Latvia and has been recognised as an event of national importance.

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Cesis Cultural strategy

Cesis cultural strategy has been developed in 2008 with a main goal to become a creative cultural centre of Vidzeme region in Latvia.

Cesis Cultural strategy 2008-2013 has 9 strategic directions:
- cultural heritage and traditions;
- cultural infrastructure;
- human resources;
- creative industries;
- cultural participation and education;
- culture administration;
- culture marketing.