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Cesis Municipality » Vaive rural territory

Vaive rural territory has 1623 inhabitants (according to data of year 2013). The most of inhabitants live in Ridzene, Krivi, Ramuli, Slanki, Veismani, Pinderes.

Two schools are working in the rural territory – Livu elementary school and Ramulu elementary school. In year 2013, Livu elementary school has 72 students, 44 children are attending kinder garden groups, Ramulu elementary schools has 77 students and 33 children in kinder garden groups.

In culture centre of Vaive parish women vocal group and dance group for people of middle age are available to attend. On the coast of river Kakupite open-air bandstand is located. In Ridzene and Ramuli work libraries, which can be used not only for choosing a book but for working with computers and Internet usage too. In Ridzene also post office are working.

Parish is rich by rivers and lakes of different sizes. Three main rivers are Vaive, Raunis and Amata. There are more than 20 lakes in the parish. Beautiful view is made by a big count of hills and valleys.