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Cēsis is a charming city fusing together medieval history and contemporary culture. The unique feel and hospitality of this 800-year-old city attracts tourists all year long – from the Baltic’s biggest ski resorts to the preserved medieval layout of the cobbled streets of Cēsis Old Town.

The rich cultural heritage stemming from as early as the 9th century lets anyone visiting feel like they are experiencing time travel. Spanning from Stone and Bronze Age dwellings at the Āraiši Lake Castle to the intricate interior motifs of the 18th century Cēsis New Castle, Cēsis is a time capsule waiting to be discovered.

But when it comes to the cultural life of the city, it is anything but ancient. The Vidzeme Regional Concert hall proudly bears its name “Cēsis” and provides state-of-the-art modern, multifunctional facilities for world-class operas and concerts. It is no wonder then that the annual Cēsis Art Festival in July attracts the best local and foreign talents as well as appealing to Cēsis residents and tourists alike.

And when one has enjoyed enough of the city life, why not plunge into the pristine nature of Cēsis. The city itself is completely surrounded by the Gauja National Park named after the Gauja river, meaning lush, green meadows and serene forest trails are only moments away. The crystal clear waters of Gauja and Amata rivers also offer ample opportunities for fishing and water sports, providing a wide range of outdoor activities for everyone.

Cēsis also cares for the needs of families with children. Interesting and exciting knight and maiden themed excursions and games in the 800 year old Cēsis medieval castle can be combined with chemistry experiments and space exploration in the children’s science centre “Z(in)oo”.

Oh, and getting to Cēsis is a breeze! Located only 100 kilometres from the Rīga International Airport, which serves airlines with destinations in practically all corners of Europe and beyond, Cēsis can be easily reached by modern, Wi-Fi equipped trains and buses or cars and bikes for the more individually inclined.